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Libya is Africa's fourth-largest country in terms of landmass, though much of its territory is sparsely populated. It is located on Africa's central Mediterranean coast, bordering Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Egypt. Although Libya possesses great oil reserves, the corrupt, decades-long rule of the military dictator Qadaffi and the chaos unleashed by his ouster have left the population impoverished, unemployed and subject to the violence of various non-state actors that have set up shop amid the instability. Attempts are currently underway to weld the country's various factions into a single polity, and the future is uncertain.

The tourism industry in Libya is essentially non-existent after decades of a repressive government and several years of civil war. This is a real shame, because Libya is a land of incredibly rich history, with some of the best preserved Greek and Roman ruins, not to mention stunning Islamic architecture. And while much of the territory is occupied by the Sahara Desert, the strip of coastline on the Mediterranean has great potential as a resort destination. When it comes to golf, it will come as no surprise that there are no grass courses in Libya, though there are four sand layouts where fairways blend imperceptibly into the rough. The Tripoli Golf Club and Tajura Golf Club, located near what was once a military base in the capital city, are decent sized (6200 and 5500 yards, respectively). A 9-hole layout is was also built in Libya's second city of Benghazi, and the fourth course, commissioned by an oil company, is located halfway between the two cities.

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