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The province of Córdoba is located in the centre of the continental territory of the Argentine Republic, it is the second most important city of Argentina. it keeps in its historic centre one of the country´s most valuable huge heritages, with a number of churches, convents and big old houses which date back to the period spanning the 17th and 19th centuries and which show an outstanding architectural and artistic value. Córdoba definitely offers the chance to both enjoy the quality of an urban environment and to visit from here the first level Golf courses, located within minutes from the centre of the city and decorated with the typical charm of Córdoba´s hills. Cradle of great international renowned golf players, such as Eduardo Romero and Angel Cabrera, Córdoba invites you to enjoy and discover Golf in Córdoba´s charm.

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Jockey Cordoba Golf Club Cover Picture

Jockey Cordoba Golf Club

Cordoba, Argentina
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Valle Del Golf Cover Picture

Valle Del Golf

Malagueno, Argentina
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El Potrerillo de Larreta Resort and Country Club Cover Picture

El Potrerillo de Larreta Resort and Country Club

Alta Gracia, Argentina
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Cordoba Golf Club Cover Picture

Cordoba Golf Club

Villa Allende, Argentina
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La Cumbre Golf Club Cover Picture

La Cumbre Golf Club

La Cumbre, Argentina
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Alta Gracia Golf Club Cover Picture

Alta Gracia Golf Club

Alta Gracia, Argentina
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Ascochinga Golf Club Cover Picture

Ascochinga Golf Club

Ascochinga, Argentina
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