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Ambassador program

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Who are we looking for?

All Square ambassadors are passionate golfers from around the world who love to play golf regularly and who can help us grow our community locally and internationally. This is your chance to be part of our exclusive program.

Your role:

  • 1

    Share your golfing experiences by writing reviews and engaging with like-minded golfers.

  • 2

    Invite your network and help us grow the All Square community.

  • 3

    Be the first to test new features and share your thoughts with our team.

Your benefits

Get a chance to win great prizes every month

Spaces are limited

Here’s an overview of the number of spots available to become an ambassador.

10/30 means that there are 20 spots available out of 30.

Continental Europe 25/118

  • Austria1/8
  • Belgium1/8
  • Denmark0/8
  • Finland0/5
  • France1/15
  • Germany4/15
  • Italy0/8
  • Luxembourg6/7
  • Monaco1/1
  • Netherlands1/8
  • Norway0/5
  • Portugal2/6
  • Spain1/8
  • Sweden1/8
  • Switzerland6/8

Great Britain & Ireland 2/34

  • England2/15
  • Ireland0/8
  • Scotland0/8
  • Wales0/3

North America 1/30

  • California1/15
  • Florida0/15