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Praia d'El Rey
36 holes today🏌🏻‍♂️🏂
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Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort
Ryder Cup has begun! 🏆🍾
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Oitavos Dunes
A week of fun😎


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Great Northern Golf Course


Great Northern... The first Nicklaus design in Denmark. I was there in July this year. It was dry like all other courses this summer but still green where it’s supposed to be. The rough became a...

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The Isle of Harris Golf Club


The best 9 hole links I’ve played so far! Built, or as they prefer to say, set up in the 1930’s. A par 68 and less then 5000 yards it is not difficult but... It’s on a hill facing the ocean an you...

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Rinkven Golf Club


Today I visited Rinkven GC outside of Antwerp. +25 this morning with a temperature steady rising it was nice to drive the last kilometers to the club. The road is completely in the shade of all the...


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