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Situated on the southern Mediterranean coast between Libya to the east and Algeria to the south and west, Tunisia is a small land rich in ancient wonders and natural beauty. Two and a half thousand years ago the Phoenicians were the dominant force here with their main city of Carthage, though the Romans eventually destroyed their power. After the Romans came the Germanic Vandals, Arabs, Ottomans and finally the French, who moved in from Algeria in the 1880s and ruled until independence was gained in 1956. There followed a period of one-man rule that created stability, if not democratic institutions, and fostered a relatively secular culture in which women enjoyed more freedom than in most Muslim countries. A revolution in 2011 led to the establishment of a more pluralist government, and while there have been some difficulties, Tunisia has been spared the kind of wholesale chaos that enveloped Libya during its revolution soon after. Tourism has become a major part of the Tunisian economy, with Europeans in particular coming for the warm weather, beautiful beaches, rich culture and archaeological treasures. Golf has played an important role in this expansion, with a dozen courses now catering to the visitors and, one hopes, sparking interest among the natives. The main centers for the game are the coastal cities of Hammamet and Monastir, and among the finest courses are two by American design legend Ronald Fream, the Yasmine and Flamingo Golf Clubs. Golfers can enjoy great scenery and great golf without spending great amounts of money.

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