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Cameroon is not the first place people think of when they think of Africa, but this country of 22 million on the Gulf of Guinea has a great deal to offer tourists. The French brought their language and culture here, including soccer, and the Cameroonians are justly proud of the fact that their nation has been more successful in World Cup qualifying rounds than any other in Africa. The tourist bureau refers to Cameroon as "Africa in miniature" in a nod to the incredible variety of landscapes, climactic zones and cultures that are to be found here. Among its other attractions, the country is now home to three golf courses. The earliest and best known is Likomba Golf Club, located in the mid-sized fishing, port and market town of Tiko, where, exceptionally, English rather than French is the main tongue. This attractive, full-sized layout may not have the best amenities and maintenance, but it does at least offer a challenge. The Hilton-owned Mont Febe Hotel in the city of Yaounde has its own course, which offers superb views of the area known as "the heart of Cameroon." Another resort, Kribi, has nine holes for visitors who come to enjoy the beach.

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