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Saint Lucia in the Lesser Antilles is one of the more easterly Caribbean islands, being situated near St. Vincent, Martinique and Barbados. Some 180,000 Saint Lucians inhabit this rugged former volcano with its distinctive twin peaks, known as the Pitons. French pirates were the first Europeans to land here, but they were eventually displaced by the English, and Saint Lucia was finally in 1979 formally declared part of the UK. The language spoken here is naturally English, though the currency used is the East Caribbean Dollar rather than the pound. During its early years as a colony, Saint Lucia's economy was agricultural, and bananas came to be the main crop. These days, however, tourism has emerged as the main industry as it has elsewhere in the Caribbean. The second half of the year tends to be rainy, but from late December to May Saint Lucia is a true island paradise, and this is when the resorts fill up. The two main locations on the island are Rodney Bay, which represents the contemporary resort community, and Soufriere to the south, where visitors can get a glimpse of an earlier, quieter time. Real estate is naturally at a premium given the mountainous landscape, but room has been found for three courses. Two of these are 9-holers, one each at the Sandals Regency Resort and Jalousie Hilton Resorts. The one full-sized course on Santa Lucia is also the finest, with breathtaking ocean vistas and gently rolling fairways.

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