Golf Courses in Niue

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Niue is an atoll composed of coral that stretches over about 100 square miles of the South Pacific in the general vicinity of the Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga, some 1500 miles northeast of New Zealand. Most of the population of around 1500 hold dual New Zealand citizenship, though through a trick of geography, specifically the routing of the International Date Line, the two countries are actually 23 or 24 hours apart in time depending on whether or not it happens to be daylight savings time. And though Niue is functionally independent, it still recognizes the British monarch as its official head of state. This remote tropical location features striking coral beaches and shorelines, with no bodies of fresh water, so that the water always remains crystal clear. The main island is hived with numerous caves, and features remote, rugged coves and hidden strips of beach, some of which have barely known any human presence. The striking indigenous flora and fauna can be seen in the Huvalu Rainforest, which has been protected as a designated Conservation Area.

Even at so remote a location, there is a place to play golf. Outside the capital city and main population center of Alofi, near the Hanan International Airport in the island's southwest is Niue Golf and Sports club. Visitors are of course welcome on this 9-hole layout, which may be far from state-of-the-art, but is still well maintained, and well worth playing. During the week, players are trusted to leave their green fees in an honesty box.