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Liberia took its name from the "liberated" US slaves who established it as Africa's first republic in the mid nineteenth century. Located on the central west coast of Africa, Liberia shares borders with Sierra Leone, Guinea and the Ivory Coast. The country has faced many challenges since its founding, most recently a deadly civil war and disastrous involvement in the civil war in Sierra Leone. Today Liberia is more peaceful than it had been, but the country remains under-developed and suffers from chronic high unemployment. And while Liberia has much to offer tourists with its miles of beach and forested hills inland, the lack of infrastructure, political instability and in the past few years the outbreak of the Ebola virus have kept this great potential from being realized.

It is therefore somewhat inspiring to learn that there are actually two golf courses in Liberia, both located near the capital city of Monrovia. The earlier of these is the 9-holer at Harbel and was constructed within the confines of the gigantic rubber growing operation created by the Firestone Company; this layout staged the country's first pro-am event in 2011, which attracted 35 players. The second and more recent course is Seaview, and it is a full 18 holes; built in the 1970s where the St. Paul River enters the sea, this layout was a favorite with Irish soldiers who came under the auspices of the UN.