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Lesotho is a territory within South Africa that has been governed as an independent kingdom since 1966. For obvious reasons, the economy and politics, not to mention the culture, are much dependent on Lesotho's much larger and more powerful neighbor, and traditionally many Basotho (as the people call themselves) have gone to work in South Africa's mining industry. Lesotho's own sectors include agriculture, pasturage and some manufacturing and mining, but the population of around 2 million remains relatively impoverished. The one thing that Lesotho has been able to export consistently to South Africa for the past couple of decades has been water from the Highlands Water Project. Most of Lesotho is mountainous, with an average elevation of more than half a mile, which makes it a great destination for skiing, hiking and horseback riding.

This is not, on the other hand, the best terrain for golf, and there is only one course in all of Lesotho. The 9 holes at Maseru Golf Club, which is situated near two major highways on the edge of the capital city that gives the club its name, is the site of the one annual competition in the region. The Mahokare Classic is the joint effort of Maseru and Ladybrand Golf Club, which is located ten miles away and on the other side of the border with South Africa.

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