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Situated in the North Atlantic about two hours by plane from mainland Europe, the 18 mountainous Faroe Islands have among them 800 miles of coastline, with no point more than 3 miles from the sea. Tight channels separate some of the islands; others are edged by steep fjords. The northerly location means that the summer days are barely broken by darkness, providing lots of time to make the most of a stay here. The location also helps to explain the highly variable climate; visitors should be prepared to encounter every season from summer to winter and back again within the space of a single day. The natives are known for the welcome that they show to visitors and their willingness to share their distinctive traditions, which include story-songs and group dances. One thing that is lacking in this peaceful place, however, is much in the way of nightlife. One attraction the Faroes do apparently offer, on the other hand, is golf. Tórshavnar Golf Club is said to be located on an the island of the same name, though accounts of this remote outpost of the golfing world are conflicted as to whether the club offers 9 holes or rather a full 18, so the wider world of golf awaits further news regarding the quantity and quality of play this club provides.

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Tórshavnar Golf Club

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
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