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Dominica is a little island situated on the eastern edge of the Caribbean near Martinique and Guadeloupe; it is the most recent landmass to emerge in the region, the product of undersea volcanic activity also makes the country home to the second biggest hot spring in the world. Christopher Columbus made landfall here in 1493 on a Sunday (Dominica in Latin), though the European population came primarily from France. England assumed possession of the island under the terms of the 1763 treaty that brought an end to the Seven Years' War, and English gradually edged out French as the main language. Dominica became an independent nation in 1978, and experienced some birth pangs at first, but managed to achieve economic success with its banana plantations, though that industry is now suffering from damage to trees in recent hurricanes, fluctuations in the price of bananas and the threat of a new banana-killing virus. Economy and politics aside, Dominica is a true tropical paradise, from its lovely beaches to the jagged peaks inland. The shame is that there is not a single place to play golf anywhere on Dominica. But if there is room for the popular game of cricket here, there is no reason that some enterprising native or foreign developer can't horn in at least 9 holes with a decent view of the sea.