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Golf Club Enghien

Petit-Enghien, Belgium
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All golf courses of Belgium, you will only find at Enghien ancient oaks who attended the secret discussions of Europe's great ... In fact, the Arenberg course opened in 2002 is located within an area built by the Dukes of Arenberg, one of the largest families of Europe in the sixteenth century. The undulations of the ground reveal the turning of a fairway the famous majestic trees, some of which are over 600 years old. And what about the bird's eye view from the 2 on a green branch Pavilion 7 stars, lush cosmology? If the atmosphere is history, with the fairways observed by these noble trees, this is certainly contemporary with a modern design.
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Very good
Olivier de greift profile picture
Olivier De Greift
Golf Club Grand-Ducal
5 Hcp 4 courses played
Very good
Parcours très long et large. Les bons frappeurs se défouleront ! Bien entretenu, le dessin est varié. Les pentes des greens sont vicieuses. Dommage pour le passage proche de l'autoroute et du TGV.
Benjamin dumont profile picture
Benjamin Dumont
Golf Club Enghien
16 Hcp 19 courses played
My Home Club!! Fabulous court...18holes opened now for 2years, 6400m, PAR 72. * Hole 2: PAR 5 (index 2): one of the most difficult, Long, and a lot of obstacles! - Drive (Careful to bunkers on the right and don't be too long, or you would reach the river... +-250m) -Second shot would be a middle range iron... a 7 or a 6 to secure your position on the wider plate after the river! ATTENTION to the lake on the right! the course is bending to the right... so if you are too closed to the water, it will roll in for sure! target left half of the fareway. -3shot could be a short iron to reach the green in regulation (still +- 120 - 100m left). Well defended green, lake on right, bunker left (3), bunker right... if you can make it to the green in regulation, it will be a very big plus! *Hole 5: Par 4... Majestic one! with an old tree... of +-300years old...or even more! very huge around 200m right in the middle... try to stay left (not too long or you would reach the water!) then a short iron to reach the green... or go left of the tree and pass the river! *Hole 13 (Index 1): Par 4... Long and full of bunker and water... try to drive above the water and the bunker right behind... you could gain some distance by the rolling... and it will stop before the first range of bunker. then be long with an iron to reach the green... (>170m left still!) you will need to go above a second range of bunkers. Tip: try to pass above the water...or..if the small tree in middle of the faraway...then an iron to the left of the second range of bunker...and then reach the green in 3... A par on this hole is a good performance! *Hole 15: Long Par 5. target the pole (+-200m) then on your second shot... target right side of the fareway! there is water all long the second part of the hole on the left... and the course is bending to the left....(to the water)... so play to the right... then short iron to green. *Hole 16: Exhibition Par 3... all above water (+-140m)... Watch the bunker on the right... Very cool and exciting one! *Hole 18: Par 5... if you are long, you will try to reach the path (+-270m...) or use a second shot to get close to the wide hazard to pass next... 80m wide! to pass over! well defended green with 3 bunkers upslope! and a very difficult green and difficult line to play...
Jean hins profile picture
Jean Hins
Golf Club Enghien
32 Hcp 10 courses played
Nice colors in the trees for the moment here. One of the pleasures to play here.
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