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Banyan Golf Course

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West Palm Beach, The United States

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The course was designed by golf architect Joe Lee, noted for his work on the NCR Golf course in Dayton, Ohio, home of the 1969 PGA Championship. After seeing Banyan for the first time, Lee was was quoted as saying "This place is majestic! All you have to do is listen and the land will tell you what to do". Lee thought the shell pits presented opportunity to allow for rare elevation. The 13th tee, with its 36 foot elevation was at one time the highest elevation in South Florida.

Lee laid out the course like a "string of pearls" - with very few holes designed to be parallel or even close to each other. Many native tropical foliage plants and beautiful cypress trees were salvaged to create a wonderful course. Over 1,000 trees were transplanted at Banyan during the construction of I-95, saved from the advancing backhoes.

The course opened in December 1973 and the Clubhouse was completed shortly thereafter. Sadly, in 1982 the original Clubhouse burned to the ground. Again the Banyan spirit prevailed and a new Clubhouse was ready in 11 short months.

The course has seen a few changes over the years, some were courtesy of mother nature and others were planned. The existing ladies tees were not in the original plan, but were added at the urging of the Banyan women. A tornado removed 400 trees shortly after the completion of the new Clubhouse. In recent years more of those precious trees were taken by the impact of hurricanes.

Today, Banyan continues its rich tradition by offering members a superior golf course that those original golfing buddies dreamt about.

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