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Sunningdale Golf Club - New Course

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Sunningdale, England


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No course in the UK outshines the pair at Sunningdale. Harry S. Colt was the club's secretary when it opened in 1901 and featured only one course; he came back two decades later to design the New Course, all but four holes of which (the 6th through 9th) have been largely untouched by subsequent renovations. The five short holes Colt created here demonstrate his strong affinity for the short game, and bear comparison with similar holes at Rye. The course is characterized by abundant doglegs that demand careful planning in order to cut the corners without ending up in the rough. Because it is more open, the New is more subject than the Old to the wind, and that fact, combined with its smaller greens, makes the New the greater challenge. So if you make it to Sunningdale, try the Old for the history, and the New for the golf.

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Sunningdale golf club new course cover picture

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21 Dec 2016