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Antalya Golf Club - PGA Sultan Course

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Antalya, Turkey


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Turkey's Antalya province, which stretches along the Mediterranean Sea, is a major holiday destination, and golf courses have been springing up around here thick and fast. Many of them, at least, are well designed and executed, and are also reasonably priced. The two fine eighteens at Antalya Golf Club complement each other perfectly. The PGA Sultan, was built to tournament specifications. The 6477-meter, par 71 Sultan Course was laid out by David Jones of the European Golf Design firm, and himself a Senior Tour Professional, who was told not to worry about the budget, but to make something that would test the best. His course takes full advantage of the stunning surroundings; water hazards are frequent but strategic and not overbearing. The superb landscaping creates the impression that the course has been there for ages.

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(Very good)

Good conditions and longer than the Pasha course.

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Bla Bla

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(Very good)

the big brother of pasha. Longer, but not as tricky. Very good conditions.

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Paul Strand

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(Very good)

Great course in super condition. I guess I was because it "only" took 4 1/2 hour to play it but it's a tourist area so what can you expect...


Unfriendly staff and on the sultan course you must calculate 6 hours to play 18 holes


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02 Mar 2015