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Volstrup golf center soren fihl checkin picture
Volstrup Golf Center
Himmerland golf and spa resort soren fihl checkin picture
Himmerland Golf and Spa Resort
Made in Denmark. Good luck to the players!
Randers golf club soren fihl checkin picture
Randers Golf Club


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Zala Springs Golf Resort

Very good

Zala Springs is very much worth a visit. A still very new course designed by the Robert Trent Jones company and hence you can expect a very good design and a big variety in holes. The course is in...

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Golf International de Longwy


I enjoyed playing this course although I played at a time when there had been a large amount of rain that had taken its toll on the course. You will find a lot of different holes here and no two...

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Lyngbygaard Golf Club

Very good

Played the course in the summer of 2015. Thought it was a very good course; well kept, well designed, fun to play and not at all expensive. Looking forward to play it again.


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