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Kaya palazzo golf resort cover picture
Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort
Maybe not the most prestigious golfcourse. However, the challenge is real. With about 5800m of the White...
Antalya golf club cover picture
Antalya Golf Club - PGA Sultan Course
Great track and not that easy! If you’re looking for a Challenge with some narrwow holes then u have to try...
Carya golf club cover picture
Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort
Amazing golfcourse! The ondulation and the pristine fast greens make it an enjoyable enxperiene to play the...


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Antalya Golf Club - PGA Sultan Course

Very good

Great conditions and a very interesting layout that tests a variety of shots!

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Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort


An absolut fantanstic Hotel and an amazing Golf Course! The fast Greens and ondulating landscape offer a superb oppurtunity for wvwry player to feel like a Pro of the Turkish Airlines Open! A must...

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Montagu at Fancourt



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