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Helium Wood Shafts


The UST Mamiya Helium wood shafts are a light weight design using materials in innovative ways for the best in feel and stability never seen before in ultra light weight designs. This is for the golfer seeking to maximize distance with longer builds and incredible control. The UST engineers were able to reduce shaft weight by using 25% less resin. Lowering the weight but also adding stiffness for stability without sacrificing feel. In addition to using lower resin carbon fiber material, more carbon fiber was added in key areas for additional stability and improved shot dispersion. Features: Lightweight design offers class leading feel and stability while maximizing distance and control. Low Resin content (25% less) Carbon Fiber reduces overall weight and adds stability (stiffness) with enhanced feel. Counter-Balanced Design works well with today’s modern weighted driver heads and reduces “club heft”, helping golfers gain club head speed with the same effort. Improved stiffness profile increases the stiffness consistency along the entire shaft, providing stability and improved shot dispersion. Click here for Trimming Instructions

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