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818 H2

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The new Titleist 818 hybrids incorporate tour-proven Titleist driver technology to create the longest, most accurate Titleist hybrids ever – providing dedicated golfers with the performance and fitting precision for improved long-game shotmaking. 818H2 is for golfers who have a steeper delivery to the ball and prefer the look of an iron. The compact, square-toed profile delivers penetrating launch with precise distance and iron-like control. Available in 17º, 19º, 21º and 23º lofts. Since their debut on the PGA Tour in mid-July, 818 hybrids are now being played across the worldwide professional tours. At the PGA Championship, Jordan Spieth added a new 818H2 to his bag, seeking a long game option that would produce a higher trajectory for holding firmer greens and maintain performance from the rough.

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