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0311 ST

We couldn’t help ourselves. We just had to make a pure tour blade. And, being PXG, we took it up another level. Our 0311 ST Irons are a striking example of precision engineering. Triple forged to tighten the grain structure and 100% CNC milled to perfect every surface, curve and angle, these solid-bodied tour blades are designed for the accomplished golfer. PXG 0311 ST Irons feel wonderful, are incredibly consistent and surprisingly easy to hit.

Each club head is NiCr plated for corrosion resistance and features an anti-glare finish to avoid distractions.
Thinner Sole / Shorter Blade Length

A short blade length, thin topline and minimal offset support enhanced workability and more control over the club face.
Performance Characteristics

Designed to support the needs of advanced golfers, 0311 ST Irons deliver lower launch, higher spin and more control.

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