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Paderson KINETIXX VMT Amorphous 870 Driver Shaft

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Paderson KINETIXX VMT shafts feature a Dual Flex Point Reactive Shaft Technology in the world's only pre-loaded vacuum cured amorphous fiber table rolled golf shaft. Real technology produces a real "heavyweight" performer in the light to ultralight weight driver shaft category. Very active butt and tip sections are precisely tailored to generate a sequenced mach speed recovery over the entire shaft length when loaded during the down swing that activates the club head to optimize club head speed for superior distance. The KINETIXX VMT shafts benefit all types of swing profiles and attack angles and produces a medium-high, low spin ballistic shot trajectory tailored to enhance today's high performance club heads. Vacuum curing reduces destructive rogue vibration modes for increased distance and a tighter down range dispersion. The vacuum curing process enhances feedback and generates the purest Kinetic energy transfer from golfer to the club. Features: VMT (Velocity Multiplier Technology) increases club and ball speed. Vacuum curing minimizes resin to maximize Dynamic Recovery properties, tension and feedback. Fits a wide array of golfers and swing types Patented Dual-Flex point reactive shaft technology World's only pre-loaded table rolled vacuum cured nano-technology using amorphous fiber material in a golf shaft. Driver Shaft 46" Tip pre-prepped 1" - Requires no tip trimming. Available in S, R and A flexes. Additional XX, SS and Ladies flexes available - Allow 10-12 days delivery Trimming Instructions

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