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KBS TGI Graphite .355" Iron Shafts

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The KBS TGI – Tour Graphite Iron is designed for players looking for maximum steel like play-ability, shot control and performance in a graphite shaft, developed from optimized weight and stiffness. 10 Years ago, KBS Golf Shafts changed the way your Irons played and performed, now we are doing it AGAIN, with Graphite. Introducing the KBS TGI Tour Graphite Iron. The KBS Tour Graphite Iron is the first Graphite Shaft to play like KBS Steel with optimized weight and stiffness per player to gain maximum play-ability & performance. It is designed with the same E.I. curve as our KBS Tour Steel and is in every weight class to fit every player from Juniors to Women, to Tour Professionals. Features: First shaft to play like KBS Steel Decreased total weight vs. steel for more distance 5% lower trajectory 5% lower spin 5% more distance Available in 4 weight/flex options Swing speed recommendations (#6iron) for KBS TGI Tour: KBS TGI 90g = 80mph - 85mph KBS TGI 95g = 85mph - 90mph KBS TGI 100g = 90mph - 95mph KBS TGI 110g = 95mph or higher Trimming Instructions

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