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Lofoten Links

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Gimsoysand, Norway

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Proximity to the ocean, the jagged Lofoten mountains and the ever shifting Arctic light make this more than just a round of golf. Few, if any, golf courses offer such a combination of golf and magnificent scenic surroundings. And now, you can even spend the night here! Golfing in the Midnight Sun - play 144 holes a day From mid May to early August you can play golf all day and all night. As the only golf course in the world, we offer 24 hour daylight for over two months of the year. You can play 144 holes in 24 hours - if you can manage to stay awake, that is! Lofoten Golf Links has often been compared to well-known golf links in Scotland. The course is located on flat land by the open sea, facing the north. It is a demanding and challenging course where the sea is an integral part of 8 of the 9 holes. The difference is that our links are on the 68th parallel of northern latitude.

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Kirsten Taylor

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(Very good)

Located by the ocean, Lofoten Golf Links is one of the hidden gems of Norway. Unique location for a golf course. The course is facing the north and the midnight sun. Because of the climate and loca...

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John K.Green

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(Very good)

The 9 hole course provides amazing views to the Lofoten moutains. During the first days of August in Lofoten you can play golf all day and all night, it is one of the to-do list that all golfers dr...

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29 Oct 2014