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Gimsoysand, Norway
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Proximity to the ocean, the jagged Lofoten mountains and the ever shifting Arctic light make this more than just a round of golf. Few, if any, golf courses offer such a combination of golf and magnificent scenic surroundings. And now, you can even spend the night here! Golfing in the Midnight Sun - play 144 holes a day From mid May to early August you can play golf all day and all night. As the only golf course in the world, we offer 24 hour daylight for over two months of the year. You can play 144 holes in 24 hours - if you can manage to stay awake, that is! Lofoten Golf Links has often been compared to well-known golf links in Scotland. The course is located on flat land by the open sea, facing the north. It is a demanding and challenging course where the sea is an integral part of 8 of the 9 holes. The difference is that our links are on the 68th parallel of northern latitude.
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based on 3 reviews
Very good
Paul strand profile picture
Paul Strand
Royal Limburg Golf
No handicap 542 courses played
We went there on Wednesday. It looked so awesome so I played it in pretty rough weather. Thursday was rain and heavy rain... but at midnight it cleared up so we went up at 04.00 and played 18 holes in the midnight sun! I followed those up with another 36 holes just because it is so good and fun! First, Anchorage in Alaska is on 58 North, Lofoten Links is on 68 North!! With that in mind the course is fabulous!! Tee’s are good even if some were sanded(they had mats next to the tees on a few holes because of that but they were made of grass!). Fairways is one of the best I’ve played on, amazing quality this far north. Bunkers, were good but work were in progress so they will improve. The green areas with run out areas can match many more famous courses. Speed on the greens... first round with the dew on it was probably only around 6-7 on the stimp but 2nd-3rd round with freshly cut greens and wind that was picking up in the sunshine they went uo to 8. Due to some very undulated greens they can’t make them stimp 12 or it would become ridicilous. It’s a links course🏌🏿‍♂️😎 1 hole is a driveable par 4 slight dogleg left, hitting over the Norwegian Sea(which is pretty cold, yep jumped in:). Both birdied and had a nightmare on that one... 2nd is a par 3 straight out into the ocean with a small path out to it. Their signature hole. Another hole along he sea before going inland. It is truly a place worth visiting not only because of the golfcourse. 950 NKR in grf, 800 if you stay in their lodges. 1100NKR for a 24h grf. Not too bad for a fabulous golf course! Loved it!!
Kirsten taylor profile picture
Kirsten Taylor
Oakmont CC
12 Hcp 13 courses played
Very good
Located by the ocean, Lofoten Golf Links is one of the hidden gems of Norway. Unique location for a golf course. The course is facing the north and the midnight sun. Because of the climate and location above the Arctic Circle, the quality is not always optimal. It offers rent rooms, apartments and cabins. I will certainly come back.
John k green profile picture
John K.Green
The Ranch Golf Club
6 Hcp 37 courses played
Very good
The 9 hole course provides amazing views to the Lofoten moutains. During the first days of August in Lofoten you can play golf all day and all night, it is one of the to-do list that all golfers dream. It reminds some golf links in Scotland. More than half of the holes you play with the sea on your side.
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