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Aichi Country Club

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Aichi-City, Japan

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Seiichi Inoue laid out the course for the private Aichi Country Club, located in a wooded part of the Owari province, in the early Fifties. The course was an immediate hit, attracting the 1957 and 1971 Japan Open Championships and the 1960 and 1964 Japan Amateur Championships. Significant renovations have been undertaken this century in order to attract more tournament play: Taizo Kawata's work in 2004 paved the way for another Japan Amateur Championship in 2007, and upgrading to a length of over 6500 meters preceded the return of the Japanese Open Championship in 2010. There remains nevertheless a generous range of teeing options to accommodate all players, though the rolling landscape means that one cannot count on a flat lie. Needless to say, the management protects its investment with top-notch maintenance. Visitors to the area can also enjoy the attractions of the city of Nagoya, such as the Higashiyama Zoo.

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04 Nov 2015