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Adriatic Cervia Golf Club

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Cervia Milano Marittima, Italy

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The 27 holes of the Golf Club are located over an area close to the centuries-old pinewood, immediately behind the beach and facing the Adriatic sea. In 1986, the first 9 holes were opened (RED COURSE), designed by Architect Marco Croze and located right inside the unspoilt pinewood. The year after, the Marco Croze project was completed with the opening of the second 9 holes (BLUE COURSE). This latter addition has made the course particularly pleasant and varied, being surrounded by lakes and hazards recalling the large US courses. In 2004 – thanks the collaboration between the professional golfer Baldovino Dassù and Architect Alvise Rossi Fioravanti – the third nine holes were completed (YELLOW COURSE), the innovative design of which is mainly inspired by Scottish links.

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Adriatic cervia golf club cover picture

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20 Jun 2016