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Adena Golf and Country Club

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Ocala, The United States

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Adena Club has been designed for those who appreciate — and have earned — all that is real and meaningful in life: Old-world values, integrity, and family. Here you will find the time and place to savor the things that matter most in life.

Sustainability means balance for today, and ensures healthy living for generations to come. Adena Club is committed to holistic living and employs sustainable practices throughout Adena Club; from our water and landscapes to our farms and clubhouses.

We believe in the traditional farming methods of our ancestors and in treating the land with respect. By managing the entire process from farm to table, Adena is able to ensure quality and traceability of all of our meats and produce. We are dedicated to quality, innovation and commitment to the best, and promise nothing less.

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The best I have seen for years. The greens are absolutely awesome. If you ever get the chance to play - take it!!!!!!

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Adena golf and country club cover picture

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11 Jan 2017