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Tecina Golf

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La Gomera, Spain


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In La Gomera, just a 40 minute ferry ride from Tenerife, Donald Steel designed a striking 18-hole golf course perched on a cliff and overlooking the sea and Teide boasting impressive views. The native vegetation in the upper areas becomes more and more exuberant as the course slopes down to the sea until it reaches a beauty spot full of tropical and fruit trees.

You have to drive the ball over a ravine to play one of the most spectacular holes, the 4th. Another hole with special features requiring precision play is the 337-meter 10th with the tee all of 45 meters above the level of the green.

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Max Biwer

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Tecina is certainly not the best course I've played but definitely among the ones with the most beautiful views. The course is pretty easy with wide and fast fairways. Except a couple of holes it p...


Tecina Golf is the only golf course in La Gomera and you need to get there by ferry from Tenerife. We stayed 3 days in the adjacent hotel and combined the trip with some days golfing in Tenerife. ...

(Very good)

One of the best on the Canaries. Great view on nearly all holes...

(Very good)

Is the only golf course at La Gomera, it is built in an old banana plantation. The scenery is gorgeous. Fast greens and the Atlantic Ocean surrounds you. El Teide volcano in Tenerife is clearly see...


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17 Aug 2015