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Craig Morrison

“I write about golf. I'm also a commercial copywriter and comms consultant.”
Founder at Pursuit-Publishing
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Craig Morrison

The Meaning of Golf, my recent book, is taking on a life of its own... It's being read and talked about. People are getting in touch and saying kind things. A multiple-major champion has emailed and been generous in his praise, though not generous enough to let me use his quote, his very commercial agent having put a stop to it! And it looks like some mainstream press is in the offing too, which will be a big deal for a title which currently exists only as an ebook. As ever, thanks for your encouragement. There are dedicated pages on Twitter (@meaningofgolf), Facebook (@themeaningofgolf) and Instagram (@themeaningofgolf) where your shares and likes are much appreciated. Most of all, the reviews on Amazon are gold dust: such is the nature of the e-tailer's algorithm that positive reviews from verified purchasers are crucial. As you know, I'm treating this digital edition as a crowdfunding campaign, an attempt to raise funds in order to produce a hardcover print run, and your support is indispensable. I've recently taken to Medium ( where you can read some short abridged excerpts. There are a few pertinent paragraphs from a chapter about President Trump; some flavour from a chapter about Tiger Woods; and some general reflections on the book too. Thanks again for your encouragement. Craig Morrison

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