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Golf in British Columbia Interior
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As you work your way from the Rocky Mountains on the east boundary of British Columbia through to northern tip of the Sonora desert, you will encounter some of the best golf courses in Canada. With its variety of topography, the typical season runs from early April through the end of November. Dissected by a myriad of rivers, weaving through spectacular mountain valley lakes and providing the symmetry of vineyards and orchards, the province is accurate in labeling itself "Beautiful British Columbia". The region is divided into two large valleys, the Columbia and the Okanagan, and herein lie some of the best golf resorts in Canada. Located at the north end of the Okanagan Valley, Predator Ridge Golf Resort is the epitome of everything that is perfect about BC. Boasting two championship tracks, the Ridge and Predator layouts blend mountain elevations with lake views and routing that runs through and around creeks and tributaries. Considered the "Best Golf Resort in Western Canada" Predator, as the locals refer to it, is spectacular in every detail and well worth the stay. While visiting the Columbia Valley, must plays include Trickle Creek, Radium Springs, Eagle Ranch and Golden. Other interior courses to consider include Tobiano, Gallagher's Canyon, Salmon Arm Golf Club, Talking Rock and Tower Ranch.
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