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Cypress Point Club

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Pebble Beach, The United States

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Cypress Point is, along with Augusta, Pine Valley and Seminole, one of the four great private American clubs. These clubs were founded in the 1920s and 1930s, and it is said that no one may belong to all four. Cypress Point is a bastion of exclusivity on the West Coast. The renowned British golf course architect Alister MacKenzie was invited to California by champion golfer Marion Hollins to help her create the course on this spit of land near Pebble Beach. (It was then that MacKenzie met Bobby Jones, with whom he would collaborate on the Augusta National). MacKenzie made maximum use of Cypress Point's setting, a dramatic strip of clifftop bordering the Pacific Ocean, where he located the first fourteen holes along the white sand dunes of Monterey and the sixteenth across the roiling surf, creating what is perhaps golf's most photographed hole.

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Allan Minto

4 Hcp31 courses played

From the moment you drive past the small 'Cypress Point Club - Members Only' sign, you sense a very special ambience around the club. Dr Alister Mackenzie created a masterpiec ...


No words that I can possibly come up with will do this place justice! Got to go and see your self!

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Patrick Rahme

0 Hcp121 courses played

We were invited to play Cypress by one of the past President's of the Northern California Golf Association. Funny enough this passionate golfer won the Luxembourg Internationa ...

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Max Biwer

1 Hcp118 courses played

Wow, the beauty of Cypress Point is something that I have not seen before. From the first tee on everything seems so special and unreal. The layout of the course is fantasti ...


Finally got to play this jewel on a sparkling December day - I've played hundreds of courses and this is my favorite. The tee shot on 16 is as breathtaking (and scary) as you' ...


If you told me I could play anywhere tomorrow, I'd choose Cypress Point.

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Jay Miller

3 Hcp16 courses played

Are you kidding me, Cypress Point is in my top 5 and most likely in everyones top 3. To begin with the majical land that the course sits on. The historical design and redesign ...




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19 Feb 2013